Monday, April 18, 2005


This assignment is really ironic because in my last paper, the first sentence read "everyone has a good story to tell, but not everyone can tell a good story." I had a great time reading the stories and from personal experience and analyzing other stories, I think I know what makes a story different from a great story. First of all, the teller has to catch the attention of his audience. But I think the key to a great story is the emotions the teller allows his audience to feel. I think the more powerful the emotion, the better the story. Someone could make you pee themselves laughing or have you burst into tears. For example, in the coffee story, you could identify with the coffee and cigarette and the feeling it gave you. Or for you, when hearing/reading the story, you could replace the coffee and cigarettes with your own vice if you're a non-smoker/non-coffee drinker. Also, sentence wording and presentation of the story is crucial. Wording, puncuation, and all the other stuff can really help or hurt a story. But when it all comes down to it, just sit back and enjoy the story being told.

Learning about Storytelling

After reading the three stories posted on the site, I realized that the most important part of storytelling is details and descriptive writing. Although each author had a different style of writing, all three included many details and careful wording to clearly describe each of the actions and events.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Learning about Life

As I read through all of the assigned memoir style sites, I came to the conclusion that details are the most important thing. In all three readings the authors provided a hunge number of descriptive words. I also noticed that authors of memoir tend to write in a very matter-of-fact way. They write as though they are just telling a story, but with an ironic twist. My favorite story from the assigned reading was the one about the flags. I thought it was really cute and sweet. I think that that authors style was the closest to my own. I think that the pictures that were added on the pages really helped and added character to the story

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Public Post #2 - Mafia

This article does not really have to deal with the Mafia, but rather the hit HBO series The Sopranos. It is about Lorraine Brocco, who plays the physiologist, Dr. Melfi, and her ironic battle with depression. I have never heard this gossip before, and I am usually up on that information. She said she was diagnosed with depression at a time which should have been the least depressing time of her life. The Sopranos was a huge hit, her family was doing good, and she just got out of a bad marriage, yet she was still depressed. I thought it was funny when she said she would "yoga her way out of it". I made the connection between this and some of the patients in Lizzie Simon's book. I know that they're different problems, but they're both mental diseases. When she said that, she reminded me of all the people Lizzie encountered who did not take medication. But either way, Brocco got help, and I can't wait to see her and the rest of the cast in 2006 for the final season of The Sopranos.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Personal Post #2 - Mafia

This post cracks me up! It's written by a woman who is sick of being poor, so she concluded that she should start her own Mafia in order to get money. She goes on to list areas that mafia's usually specialize in: drugs, trafficking weapons, and selling humans for slavery. She then states that her Mafia would "be involved in promoting literacy and good taste in music". I really like her funny rules and what-not for the Mafia, especially the one that says you can't date the 'muscle' of the 'gang', or any other gang member for that matter. I can really relate to this because I love all those Mafia shows and what not, and she articulates her motives in a humorous yet strangely workable way. She writes it all in jest, of course, and if you are interested in the Mafia, this is a funny post to look at.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Private Post #1 - Walk of Fame

This post is very amusing to me. The woman does not really talk about the Walk of Fame, but rather the struggle of being a single 31 year old woman. She says she's an "avid serial monogamous from the young age of 15" and talks about how she never thought she would end up in L.A. She studied film in college, and always thought she would go to Florida to be with the man she thought she was going to marry. But she says that when she looks at the Hollywood sign, goes to cool events, or has her "heels click over stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on [her] way to lunch at Hollywood & Highland", she says it's worth it.

Public Post #1 - Walk of Fame

The blog I looked at was very short, but the author seemed mad that sportscaster Jim Gray is getting a spot on Hollywoods infamous Walk of Fame. The author states that the prestgious walk doesn't mean anything anymore. I can agree. I think that walk should only be held for the best of the best; the real stars. When I think of the Walk of Fame, I think of Marilyn Monroe and other Hollywood greats, not a sportscaster. That's not Hollywood at all.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Public Post # 2 - Terry Schiavo

This blog talks about Terry Schiavo and how the congress stepped in. The writer states that he/she thinks it is not right that the congress is fighting to keep someone alive, at least not someone in her state. The article is very short and the author doesn't get into too many details about anything, just that he/she thinks what the government is doing is wrong. He/she brings up a strong argument though about abortion. If the government is able to protect someone from dying despite the quality of life they have, then isn't it the same as protecting a fetus from dying ? If this is true, then the government should not allow abortion. I am not saying abortion is right or wrong, but how can the government protect Terry but let fetus' die everyday? I personally think that the family should be able to decide what they want to happen. I agree with the author of the blog in that there are going to be repercussions to this decision.

Private Post- Theatre

This private blog I found while searching for Theatre. This author talks about his experience at the Acme Comedy Theatre.

"This past Saturday night, after a lovely day at Disneyland, bountifulpots and I went to see a sketch comedy act called Acme Love Machine put on by the Acme Comedy Theatre here in LA. I was in a bit of a foul mood due to a few scheduling conflicts between the two aforementioned events, so I wanted the funny badly."

Public Post- Theatre

I found this puplic article posted when I searched for theatre.

Three new musicals have been selected for presentation at the second annual ASCAP Foundation/Disney Theatrical Productions Musical Theatre Workshop in Chicago, running April 6, 8, 20, 21 and 22, at 7:30 PM, at the Chicago Cultural Center.

It provides a link in which you can read more into what the productions will be.

Private Post- Disney

This private blog I found while searching for Disney. The author starts to talk about a disney movie that her and her cousins were going to watch. She ended up watching “Before Sunrise.” In her blog she tells of her grandparents comments during the movie.

Puplic Post- Disney

This public blog I found while searching for Disney. The author talks about Disney and the impact that Disney has had on pop culture and Hollywood. She talks about the different animation and production techniques that Disney studios have ventured into and were the first to create. She also talks about the different productions that Disney has created.
"Today it is sometimes fashionable to knock Walt Disney Studios. They have been mocked forbeing overly family friendly. They have been derided for their sometimes less than stellar movies…while there can be no doubt Walt had his faults (who doesn't?), there can be one thing that cannot be disputed. Walt Disney and Disney Studios were one of the most powerful forces shaping American pop culture in the 20th century. Like most people born after 1929 (when Mickey Mouse made his debut), I grew up watching Disney products. And like many people I have enjoyed many of the animated shorts and feature films produced by the studio."

Public Post: President's Press Conference

This web site just simply got a transcript of a speach that Bush delivered. It then left room for a descussion forum. People then commented back and forth about the pros and cons of the speach.

Personal Post: Wierd Dream

This blog posting talked about a dream a girl had. She talked about how she was going into the hospital. It was definately her online journal. I don't think that I would ever be able to have an online journal because I wouldn't want the whole world to be able to look at what I wrote.

Private Post: Princess Elena

This is a girl named Elena's personal blog site. It seemed like her journal. It talked about her upcomming day and some personal photos. It also had a song playing as I viewed the site. Apparently the girl is a model. At one point she talked about her upcomming photo shoot and then it displayed the photos from the shoot.

Public Post:Terri Schiavo

This BLOG was a public type of material. It discussed the current events happening with Terri Schiavo, the woman who was being kept alive by a feeding tube for the past 10 plus years. Her husbnad said that he thought it would be best for the tube to be removed and her parents believed that she should continue to be kept alive with the tube. Her husband ultimately won and the feeding tube was removed. Her parents tried to get the tube put back in but legislation said that they could not do that.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Public Post # 1 - Smoking Ban In Philadelphia

I decided to look for blogs on smoking bans. There was a plethora of hits. I then decided to narrow my search down and search for smoking bans in Philadelphia. I read a blog by a non smoker who basically was jus stating some ideas and opinions. This is a subject that could affect a large number of people though. The City Council decided to postpone the decision. Many people are saying that it would drastically affect bars business if people can't smoke in them. He argues that it won't. People will have the choice of staying home and doing nothing, or going to a bar in a different town. No one is going to just stop going to the bars if they have been for a while. And some people may drive to another town if they are near or on the border, but for the most part a smoking ban in Philly should not affect the business of bars and restaurants.

I personally think a smoking ban would be great. I am a non-smoker and why should I have to suffer because someone next to me can't control the addiction and has to "light up?" My habits don't affect the public, why should anyone else’s affect me?


Personal Post # 2 - Bored

The next blog I read was also a personal blog. To find this blog I searched for blogs containing Vodka. The first one that came up was a blog from a kid in high school. He was working on the yearbook for his high school and became bored. While going out to the kitchen to get something to drink he noticed his parents left a bottle of Absolut Vodka out on the counter. They normally kept it locked up, so he wanted to take advantage of the situation. He decided to mis it with juice that was already out on the counter. He thinks it is the same stuff his parents used to mix the vodka with. He adds some orange juice, another juice, and some sugar. He then starts to drink it and work on the yearbook. I think the post was made an hour or so after the drink was consumed. Throughout the blog he begins to just ramble and says some pretty random and funny things. He ends the blog by stating that the drink didn't taste well. Haha... Amateur..


Personal Post # 1 - Top Ten Worst Commercials

I originally started out intending this post to be classified as a public post. However, after reading I feel it is a more personal post then public. To find this blog I searched for blogs with the word "racism" in them. The first paragraph of the blog says:

"What ever happened to sexism and racism on TV? Well, if you think these problems are a thing of the past, you don’t pay attention to TV commercials. It seems that nothing is out of bounds these days. TV commericals often represent the worst we have to offer — from racial stereotypes to animal cruelty."

As you can see it was easy for me to think the blog was going to be a public blog after reading the first paragraph. I thought it was a public blog because I thought the writer was going to discuss how the different aspects of commercials today are racist, sexest and biased. I went into the article having a very open mind.
By the way the article is written I am going to assume it was written by a woman. With many different commercials the writer complains about how woman are used to sell a product. But where has the write been? Sex sells, and it has sold since commercials have been around. It is ironic how much the author complains about sex as a big seller for men, but not once does he/she bring up articles that are sexist towards men. The author also fails to back up any of her thinking. The author will say she doesn't like a certain commercial, but then he/she won't go into any detail.

I think the author just had a bad day and wanted something to complain about.

Don't even bother reading this blog.